Sustainable Energy Systems

Undergraduate course, KU Leuven, 2018

This course was given at KU Leuven from 2018 to 2023. It provides an introduction to the concept of sustainability and covers the main renewable energy sources together with their integration in the energy system.

Course information

  • Title in dutch: Duurzame Energiesystemen
  • Code: B-KUL-ZA0039

Learning Objectives

  • The student can define the concept of sustainability and apply it to energy supply in our society. He has knowledge of the state of the art and new developments in technology, costs, regulations and incentive policies regarding sustainable energy systems and can reason about them in a nuanced way (MK1, MG3).
  • The student has technological knowledge of solar energy systems (thermal and electrical), wind energy systems, hydropower, heat pumps, energy storage technology and hydrogen technology (MK1).
  • The student can make simple calculations regarding the sizing of renewable energy systems (both at component and system level) and interpret the results (MK1, MI1, MG3).
  • The student can make a basic design of an energy system with sustainable components and perform basic calculations for the dimensioning of this system, which are necessary to prepare a good design (MK1, MI1, MI2).
  • The student can work accurately when performing design and sizing calculations (MG5).