Energy systems design and simulation

Undergraduate course, KU Leuven, 2018

The course was given at KU Leuven from 2018 to 2023 and constitutes an introduction to the Modelica language applied to energy systems.

Course information

  • Title in dutch: Energiesystemen: ontwerpen en simulatietechnieken
  • Code: ZA0042


Basic knowledge of thermal systems, thermodynamics and economics.


Current energy conversion systems are submitted to a growing demand in terms of flexibility. This flexibility requires an accurate characterization of the components dynamic behavior under varying boundary conditions, which in turns allows to size the system and set up optimal control strategies. This course is an introduction to the dynamic modeling of thermal systems. It teaches the bases of the Modelica language through theoretical classes and a practical student project.

Students learn methods to evaluate existing systems and to propose improved designs:

  • How to evaluate an existing installation from measurements?
  • How to start with the design of an energy system?
  • Which factors are important?
  • Which parts of the system should be improved and simulated in details?