Academic profile

I am an assistant professor at the KU Leuven (Belgium) and at the University of Liège.

I conduct research in the field of Smart Energy Systems, mainly focused on the transition towards clean and renewable energy production. In the course of my work I created and lead development of various open-source modelling tools, such as ThermoCycle, Dispa-SET or GPExp. These activities are further detailed hereunder.

Research topics

Smart Energy Systems:

  • Modelling the deployment of high shares of renewables
  • Heat integration into energy systems
  • Rural electrification and microgrids

Sustainable power generation:

  • Combined heat & power (CHP)
  • Organic Rankine cycles

Heating, Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and energy in buildings:

  • Testing and modeling HVAC components: compressors, cooling coil, heat pumps.
  • Demand response through thermal appliances


At KU Leuven:

At the University of Liège:

Open-Source Projects

  • Dispa-SET: Power market model including unit commitment and optimal dispatch
  • GPExp: A Gaussian Processes framework for the analysis of Experimental Data
  • ThermoCycle: A Modelica Library for the dynamic modelling of thermal systems
  • CoolProp: An open-source, cross-platform, free property database based in C++ that includes pure fluids, pseudo-pure fluids, and humid air properties.


Université de Liège
Energy Systems Research Unit
Campus du Sart Tilman, Quartier Polytech 1
Allée de la Découverte 17 (Bâtiment B49)
Phone : +32 4 366 48 22
Fax : +32 4 366 48 12